Microneedling Line

Microneedle therapy is an effective bio-rejuvenating treatment and an alternative to expensive laser treatments
and laser peels. It increases the penetration of active ingredients and induces natural regeneration

Treatment indications:
– prevention of anti-aging
– rejuvenation and face lifting
– face remodeling – improvement of face oval
– closing the pores
– shallowing wrinkles and furrows
– smoothing out scars and stretch marks
– evening out the skin colour and brightening of spots
– reduction of teleangiectasia
– Increased penetration of active substances by the means of creating microchannels
– Cell renewal – thickening of the alive epidermal layers
– Induction of the production of collagen, elastine and hyaluronic acid
– Brightening blemishes and evening out the skin colour
– Change in the skin structure – visible and lasting rejuvenation

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