DERMEDICSĀ® is one of the brands owned by Beauty International Group which is fully dedicated to partnership abroad and which leads its business globally on the field of aesthetic medicine and cosmetology.

The aim of DERMEDICSĀ® is to supply modern tools and solutions for skincare therapies basing on five fundamental ideas:

Innovations – as the main element in development of the offer of skincare products created with the most luxury ingredients to provide effective beauty therapies targeted on real results.

Safety – associated with the health of patients during procedures with electronic devices. All products conforms the regulations of the European Union and they provide effective but also fully safe global beauty therapies.

Satisfaction – identified with the highest quality of all products continually striving to the excellence in skincare which are dedicated to our patients globally.

Team work – treated as long-term partnership with medical doctors, cosmetologists, beauty salons and clinics and also, as one of the main elements of global distribution network.

Ethics – considered as an integral part of all spheres of the activity of the business; it is linked to the efficacy of all products in the context of declared properties (that are targeted on real results) and also as an element loyal cooperation with customers and business partners worldwide.

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