DERMEDICS SHR roll-on 15ml (against lip hair)

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YOUTH EXPERT™ Anti-Hair Serum by DERMEDICS® is the newest cosmetic concept against unwanted topical facial hair locations. It is recommended especially against facial hirsutism – the excessive hairiness in women. A small and comfortable bottle with roll-on ball ideally suits for applications on selected areas like upper lips, brows or areola.
Recommended for skin of all ages with different origins and skin tone.

YOUTH EXPERT™ Anti-Hair Serum by DERMEDICS® offers a new approach regarding the hairiness treatments by involving a 5-dimensional activity of active components of our serum:

delaying of hair grow
systematical reduction of hair thickness
hormonal balancing
anti-winkle efficacy
age-preserving by delaying cellular senescence
Directions of use:
Daily topical skincare to eliminate unwanted hair in women