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The evolutionary treatment based on the modification of Jessner’s classic peel. In this modern therapy, resorcinol is replaced by its safe and more effective form – hexylresorcinol. This ingredient was combined with lactic, citric and salicylic acids.


The treatment can be performed only in autumn and winter!

Set contains:
1. J Evolution Oil 20 ml – Dermo-oil deep cleansing
– based on eco-certified natural emulsifiers
– hydrophilic formula – in contact with water creates an active washing emulsion
– provides two-phase cleaning:
– 1 lipophilic phase – removal of fat-soluble contaminants
– 2 hydrophilic phase – removal of water-soluble contaminants
– deeply cleanses
– removes make-up from the eyes and waterproof make-up
2. J Evolution Gel 20 ml – Dermo deep cleansing gel
– formula with AHA acids
– deeply cleanses and degreases
– removes dead cells
– reduces the pH

3. J Evolution Lotion 20 ml – Dermo degreaser
– an intensively degreasing fluid
– removes excess sebum and dead skin
– increases the penetration of the peeling
4. J Evolution Peel 20 ml – Peeling J Evolution
– original chemical peel based on Jessner’s liquid
– contains hexylresorcinol – a safe alternative to resorcinol
– with the content of bacchol-a vegetable substitute for retinol
– pH 1.9
– an alternative to Jessner’s peel
– safe and comfortable application
– intensive rejuvenating and brightening action, reducing scars and stretch marks

5. J Evolution Boost Serum 20 ml – Serum after J Evolution peeling
– strengthens the J Evolution Peel chemical peeling treatment
– soothes irritations
6. J Evolution Boost Mask 30 ml – Mask after J Evolution peeling
– a multi-component composition with high concentration
– strengthens the J Evolution Peel chemical peeling treatment
– soothes irritations and calms the skin

– a set of 6 products for 5 complete treatments
– a comfortable application for the client and cosmetologist
– a simple and clear treatment scheme
– diagram and treatment documentation in accordance with the RODO in the packaging

– thin and sensitive skin
– vascular hyper-reactivity
– pregnancy and breast-feeding
– active skin inflammation: bacterial, viral, allergic, fungal,
– cancerous skin diseases
– the continuity of the epidermis is disturbed
– a fresh surgical procedure in the surgical area
– active herpes
– isotretinoin treatment
– reduced immunity
– allergy to peeling ingredients


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