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Lipowrap Contouring Cream

Gel is designed to hydrate the skin and firm areas such as the abdomen, back, legs and upper arms.
The greatest results come when applied twice daily and in conjunction with the LipoWrap applications.

For maximum results apply twice daily.

“One of the finest products for firming and skin care, based on natural ingredients,
Helps to enhance the appearance of elasticity, the Contouring Gel can be applied to a clean, dry skin twice a day in place of your traditional body cream.

It may encourage a lifting effect, allows your skin to breathe fully and is unprecedentedly rich in an ingenious combination of nutritious and supporting ingredients. The effect of the active ingredients from within, and the elements that bring about a beautiful youthful skin, ensure an optimal results.

Lipowraps can be applied twice per week (single use wraps).