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Cream-mask rich in natural EFAs with high concentration of 30% hemp and poppyseed oil

Neuro Cannabis Cream-Mask
Kannabia SensePLF 10 mg/g, Cannabis oil 200 mg/g, Poppy oil 100 mg/g

»» cream-mask rich in natural EFAs
»» high concentration of 30% hemp and poppyseed oil
»» instantly restores lipid balance
»» SOS for very dry and flaky skin

»» intensive night anti-stress treatment
»» rebuilding and soothing therapies for skin with disturbed lipid barrier
»» evening application along with “Cannabis beauty points” self-massage recommended
»» daily use recommended for extremely dry skin
»» in case of periodic problems, daily application to improve the condition of the skin and continuation 1-2 times a week to maintain the effects
»» in winter, it is possible to use it during the day in case of low temperature and wind


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