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Total Aesthetics focuses on you, the professional to bring  products + devices with REAL RESULTS in skin and body devices and products.  dermocosmetics  via DERMEDICS®  with high content of active ingredients (cosmeceuticals) for professional therapies in beauty salons and also at home – all to provide beauty therapies targeted on real results.

BRAND NEW…. LIFT MASK by Total Aesthetics  the latest  face lifting mask with instant results. 


High Quality & Professional Products

DERMEDICS™ offers over 100 models of beauty devices dedicated to specialists in a field of aesthetic worldwide.


All parameters of treatments are fully controlled by intelligent microprocessor to provide the highest safety for both, the patient and operator. With devices from DERMEDICS™ improvement of skin condition can be noticed after just one treatment – real results.



GEN’X SERIES from DERMEDICS® is a professional grade, supreme collection of rich formulated, luxurious dermocosmetics dedicated to prestigious skin therapies targeted on global rejuvenation for all biological decades of skin cells.


ECM SERIES from DERMEDICS® is a collection of professional dermocosmetics designed for intensive anti-aging procedures targeted on skin re-densifying which in ultimately leads to visible lifting and jaw line shaping – contouring effect.


MESO SERIES from DERMEDICS™ is a unique collection of professional cosmoceuticals for needle-free mesotherapy dedicated to treat main common skin problems, such as: acne, rosacea, post-acne scars, aging and photo-aging, hyperpigmentation, discoloration, wrinkles, sagging, post-sun trauma, eczema, inflammation, broken capillaries, couperose, dehydration, hair excess (hirsutism), alopecia, cellulite, fat excess (obesity) and stretch marks.


CALM SERIES from DERMEDICS® is a collection of professional dermocosmetics designed to assist in calming the discomfort associated with weak, itchy, highly irritated, overdried or reddened skin linked to inflammation and oxidative stress caused by intense UV radiation.


LIFT SERIES from DERMEDICS® is an exclusive collection of dermocosmetics with BTX-like effect (alternative to Botulinum Toxin) designed to provide effective lifting and visible reduction of wrinkles – real results.


MENO SERIES from DERMEDICS® based on unique technology NEURO-GAD™ (General-Age-Delay) is a real neuro-cosmetic innovation! Its neuro-protective action blocks neuro-aging and re-establishes a healthy communication between nerves and fibroblasts, thus protects dermal cells from premature aging.

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